Chews Lane Redevelopment


Willis Bond & Co Ltd



Completion date


The Chews Lane Redevelopment involved a complete remodelling of the historic Chews Lane precinct, revitalising both retail and office spaces. Sitting above the lane, a new residential tower consists of 95 luxury inner-city apartments with extensive views across the harbour and downtown landscape.

Our Brief

An emphasis on inter-tenancy sound insulation, non-intrusive mechanical services and buffering from traffic noise intrusion ensures that owner-occupiers can enjoy inner-city dwelling to the fullest.


The Wellington central business district is densely populated with commercial high-rise buildings and an increasing number of inner-city apartment buildings. This has afforded Marshall Day Acoustics with numerous opportunities to provide innovative noise control solutions in line with the new District Plan change relating to increased sound insulation requirements for inner-city residential dwellings and also the tightening of regulations concerning the noise output from building plant.