Victorian Schools Public Private Partnership, Stage 1


Hayball / Gray Puksand


Victoria, Australia

Completion date


In 2009 the Victorian Government, in partnership with Axiom Education Victoria, embarked on the delivery of 11 new government schools in key growth areas in Melbourne. The result has been a transformation of the education sector. From 2009, more than $16 B has been spent in Australia and New Zealand to provide transformative learning environments.

The Victorian Government’s long term vision involved transforming education infrastructure to ensure that all Victorian government schools are equipped to provide high quality education to students, both now and in the future.

Scope of Services

Innovative Learning Environments

A key part of the design was the acoustic philosophy adopted. At the forefront of the project was the introduction of innovative learning environments, which have multi-modal, technology-infused, flexible layouts to accommodate the new generation of learning.

Marshall Day worked with the design team to develop flexible acoustic spaces that enable teaching activities to occur concurrently in open plan learning spaces. Significant modelling work was undertaken to demonstrate key parameters such as speech intelligibility and reverberance for the rooms.

Further Research

Marshall Day is continuing its work with key research bodies, such as the University of Melbourne, to assist in further evaluating and refining education facility designs, and enable teaching staff to implement quality teaching practices in these new environments.