Britomart Transport Centre


Auckland Council



Completion date


Britomart is a transport, heritage and urban renewal project, located on 5.2 hectares of reclaimed land in Auckland's central business district. It is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by a local authority in New Zealand, at a total cost of $204 million.

Our Brief

Britomart is a transport centre linking train, bus and ferry services and is an important component in developing Auckland 's passenger transport network. Marshall Day Acoustics was engaged to advise on the noise control within the new train station at the hub of the Britomart.


There were numerous acoustical challenges to overcome including controlling noise both from the diesel electric trains in an enclosed environment and from the massive ventilation system required to exhaust engine fumes. In addition, a high standard of speech clarity was also required for the Public Address system.

In order to address this brief, Marshall Day Acoustics conducted Odeon modelling of the space to test the effects of ceiling absorption on both the reverberant noise level and the PA system. The modelling resulted in a detailed specification for acoustic absorption which is protected by a Mylar wrapping in order to protect it from the diesel fumes.