Larry Elliott

Larry Elliott

Larry Elliott is a Senior Consultant with the Auckland Office specialising in electro-acoustics and AV Systems. He has been associated with Marshall Day Acoustics since the commencement of the company in 1981. During that time he has consulted on, and designed, sound reinforcement, recording and audio-visual systems for a wide variety of facilities. Projects include theatres, sports stadiums, auditoria, concert halls, churches, council chambers, recording studios, conference centres and educational facilities in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the USA.

Prior to joining Marshall Day Acoustics Larry worked in Radio and Television Broadcasting and Recording for 15 years. From 2000—2005 Larry was the Programme Co-ordinator of MCPA (Sound) Programme at the School of Music, University of Auckland, and also the Technical Director of SCAPA (School of Creative and Performing Arts), at the University of Auckland.

Larry’s spare time interests include the recording of Choral and Orchestral Concerts.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Member of Audio Engineering Society
  • Member of the Institute of Acoustics
  • Member of the New Zealand Acoustical Society

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