SoundPLANnoise 8.2 out now

SoundPLANnoise 8.2 out now

SoundPLAN GmbH and Marshall Day Acoustics are pleased to announce the release of SoundPLANnoise version 8.2. The new version includes some great new capabilities.

New features and improvements include: 

  • Revised Situation Manager with additional functions
  • Improved import functionality (e.g. splitting objects into areas)
  • Variants and object groups for industrial buildings/rooms
  • BA facade (ISO 12354-3:2017) completely revised
  • Sources with a default distance from the facade and assistance for the input of sources above roof level

Full features are outlined in the PDF available here.

This is a free upgrade to users on current U&M (Upgrade & Maintenance) subscriptions. For customers who are not currently with SoundPLAN maintenance, please contact us if you are interested in upgrading to SoundPLANnoise 8.2.

Download the 64bit version here. Or the 32bit version here. If you would prefer to receive the upgrade on a DVD please contact us. 

To find out more about SoundPLAN, visit the SoundPLAN website.

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